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Our 2 day basic and 3 day advanced all weekend long range rifle shooting program exposes attendants to the fundamentals and techniques of long range rifle shooting. Its applied practices can be successfully used for competition, reacreational shooting and hunting. This program is limited to a minimum of 6 attendants to a maximum of 10 participants only.


Electronic range, ballistic, and wind calculators have a tendency to breakdown and become ineffective due to unforeseen technical or environmental conditions. Our Long Range Rifle programs utilize hands on calculation and fundamental mathematical methods to derive proper shooting solutions in varying environmental conditions without the dependancy of those electronic devices.

Long Range Rifle Skills

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Long Range Rifle Skills & Development

2 Day Basic Introduction to Long Range Shooting

All Attendants of our Basic 2 day course receive a waterproof grid notepad and pen for notes and data collection.

  • Cost: $400 + GST Per Person

  • Duration:  10hrs. + 1 hrs. Break.

  • Day 1: Class Room (7hrs) / Day 2: Range Day (3hrs - Shoot)

  • Day 2: Allow 1.5-hrs Drive time to Range Location

  • 2016 SEASON OPEN - 3 Programs for 2016! 

  • Call for Details & Registration.


  • Basic Rifle Fundamentals 

  • Basic Ammunition Selection & Ballistics

  • Basic Guide to Optics Selection and Application

  • Basic Guide to Spotting Scopes and Range Finders

  • Basic Guide to Scope Ring Selection and Mounting

  • Basic Rifle Setup and Sling Selection

  • Basic Rifle Drag Bag and Gear Selection

  • Basic Zeroing and Optics Leveling Practices 

  • Basic Role of a Spotter in a Two Person Team

  • Basic Range Calculation Methods (Hand Calculations)

  • Basic Use of MOA and MIL hand Calculators/Converters

  • Basic Use of Recording Data and Data book Management

  • Basic Setup of Ballistic Tables and Spreadsheets

  • Basic Setup of Range cards and Target scales

  • Basic Compass, Navigation and Elevation Shooting 

  • Basic Introduction to MOA versus MIL Calculations

  • Basic Weather and Environment Effects to Ballistics

  • Basic Trigger and Bolt Loading Controls

  • Basic Shooting Positions and Sling Controls

  • Basic Holdover management and Target Acquisition

It's easy to use a mobile ballistics app, range finder, wind guage or GPS. Just remember what will you do in the field when those devices fail?

  • Cost: $TBA + GST Per Person

  • Duration:  Weekend (Friday(Travel), Sat (Shoot), Sun (Shoot) End)

  • Location Shoot - Hotel Information Guide to be Provided.

  • 2016 SEASON OPEN - JUNE, JUL, AUG, Dates TBA


  • Advanced Rifle Shooting Fundamentals and Ballistics

  • Advanced Shooter and Spotter Exercises

  • Advanced Mapping and Location Exercises

  • Advanced Ranging and Range Card Exercises

  • Advanced Target Identification and Stress Engagements

  • Mutil-Distance Target Engagements

  • Competitive Timed Engagements under Stress

  • Distance Hiking and Mountainous Engagements


3 Day All Weekend Long Range Extreme

Course & Range Requirements

  • Basic Compass / Linear 10" or less Ruler

  • Scientific Calculator / Pencils / Pen

  • Rifle / Sling / Optics / Spotting Scope

  • Minimum 80 Rounds of Rifle Ammunition

  • Rifle Cleaning Kit (Optional)

  • Snacks / Water

  • Hiking or Tactical Boots

  • Hat / Dress for Weather


  • Basic Compass / Linear 10" or less Ruler

  • Scientific Calculator / Pencils / Pen / Databook

  • Rifle / Sling / Optics / Spotting Scope

  • Minimum 300 Rounds of Rifle Ammunition

  • Rifle Cleaning Kit / Multi-Tool 

  • Snacks / Water / Protein Bars

  • Shooting Gloves / Hat / Rain Poncho 

  • Appropriate weather clothing

  • Hiking or Tactical Boots

  • Tactical or Hunting Knife

  • Small 2 day backpack

  • Personal First Aid Kit

  • Fire starting materials

  • Overhead flashlight w red light capability.

  • Small handheld flashlight w strobe capability.

  • Two FRS radios (one backup and one set of batteries)

  • Additional Requirements provided at time of registration.


Course & Range Requirements

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