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This is the course required for any individual in order to obtain a firearm and purchase ammunition in Canada. We offer an enjoyable and hands on classroom environment during weekends and weekdays that is engaging, educational and interactive with our course instructors. We purposely limit our classes to 14 individuals at any given time so we can maximize each course with the most comfortable experience and thorough introduction to firearm ownership. 


  • Cost: $250 + GST Per Person ($150 for single course)

  • Duration:  2 Days. / Starts 9:30am Each Day

  • Licensing for Non-Restricted and Restricted License

  • Classroom Fundamentals & Basic Firearms Handling

  • Written and Hands on Handling Exams

  • Call us for pricing on private classes

Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Getting Started to Firearms Ownership

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Testimonials & Comments

If you have attended one of our courses or field programs, we would greatly appreciate your feedback and comments on your experience or you can post on our facebook page.

Intrigued by the sport of shooting but not quite sure if it’s for you? We offer a supervised introduction to firearm ownership at one of the most prestigious private ranges in British Columbia. Our introduction course is by appointment only and limited to 6 participants for maximum interaction with our course instructors. You’ll be introduced to a wide variety of firearms commonly available for purchase to the general public.


The course covers the basics of range safety and etiquette, firearm handling, sports and activities available to firearm owners and you’ll be able to shoot each firearm under close professional supervision. We provide all ears and eye protection including ammunition. This course is designed for responsible adults and persons under the age of 19 must be accompanied by an adult. We reserve the right to refuse service to any individuals inquiring about this course. Please see our services policy for more information. 

Hands on Introduction to Firearms

Introduction to Firearms Ownership

Download the Canadian Firearms Safety Course Manual Here.

Download the Canadian Firearms Restricted Safety Course Manual Here.

  • Cost: $180 + GST Per Person (NOT OFFERED IN 2019)

  • Duration:  2hrs.  

  • Maximum 3 Persons

  • Range Safety and Firearm Handling Skills

  • Introduction to Commonly Available Firearms

  • Introductory Live fire Shooting to all Firearms Presented

  • Ear / Eye Protection Provided including Ammunition

Hands On Introduction

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