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"Our mission is to provide worldclass training, safety and awareness to all law abiding firearm enthusiasts and professionals across Canada". -


Rod Giltaca, President and Founder  

The sport of shooting is one of the most enjoyable activities available to Canadians. Like most sports and activities, proper training, responsibility and discipline is needed in order to achieve the best results. Our Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) is a government program that is open to anyone over the age of 18. This is the course required for any individual in order to obtain a firearm and purchase ammunition in Canada.


We offer an enjoyable and hands on classroom program that is engaging, educational and interactive with our course instructors. We purposely limit our classes to 14 individuals at any given time so we can maximize each course with the most comfortable experience and thorough introduction to firearm ownership. Call us to book a private class as well.

Retention of information is best accomplished through hands on interaction. At Civil Advantage, we offer an interactive and engaging course designed to provide each student with a well informed, educational and comfortable experience.

Intrigued by the sport of shooting but not quite sure if it’s for you? We offer a supervised introduction to firearm ownership at one of the most prestigious private ranges in British Columbia. Our introduction courses are limited to only 6 participants at a time for maximum interaction with our course instructors. You’ll be introduced to a wide variety of firearms commonly available for purchase to the general public.


The course covers the basics of range safety and etiquette, firearm handling, sports and activities available to firearm owners and you’ll be able to shoot each firearm under close professional supervision. We provide all ears and eye protection including ammunition. This course is designed for responsible adults and persons under the age of 19 must be accompanied by an adult. We reserve the right to refuse service to any individuals inquiring about this course. Please see our services policy for more information. 

We pride ourselves in providing absolute safety and informative professionalism in a relaxed and friendly environment. The sport of shooting should be a fun and rewarding activity for all responsible Canadians.

We take real world skills, experience and apply it to our advanced skills development programs that has been specifically tailored for the civilian shooting enthusiast. Students are immersed into applying their learned skills into true physical motorized memory while managing stress applied conditions.


Our programs separates us from many other civilian courses available in the Canadian market because we specifically focus on pushing your envelope on physical muscle memory, rapid action exercises, instinctive reactionary and stress control management. Over 75% of your time will be spent undergoing strenuous physical and cardio intensive activities while managing and applying your skills. If you have medical or heart conditions, please check with your physician before enrolling.We reserve the right to refuse service to any individuals inquiring about this course. Please see our services policy for more information. 

Advanced Skills Management for Civilian enthusiasts or competitive tactical shooters. We focus on combining physical fitness, stress management and mental exercise activities with our shooting programs.

Like all professional athletes, discipline and training is vital but practice and skills management is the difference between winning and losing or life and death. We provide unique and private skills management programs for all types of service professionals, private military and security personnel. 


Our unique programs focuses on assisting professionals hone and sharpen already learned skills with a wide variety of courses of fire or classroom programs specific to each profession. We emphasize strongly on real world scenarios, rapid engagement and equipment management skills, physical fitness, and mental exercises simulating realistic high stress conditions to continuously enhance their professional skills. We also provide situational awareness training, deployment preparation, dietary and weight management training, and adaptive stress management.

Advanced Vehicle Operations Course provided in Jun 2015. Members of law enforcement and specialized security personnel from all over British Columbia and other Provinces attended this hands on force on force course of fire.

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